Robert Davidson

The Managing Partner of Davidson Code Concepts, LLC since 1990, Mr. Davidson has more than thirty-three years of experience in both the volunteer and career fire service as well as law enforcement, emergency management and EMS experience. With over 25 years as a code enforcer, he retired as Fire Marshal in charge of the Fire Safety Division of the South Brunswick Township Code Enforcement Department with responsibilities including enforcement of the NJ Uniform Fire Code and managing the Office of Emergency Management. He has experience teaching a variety of subjects involving health, safety and code enforcement for the International Association of Fire Fighters; the International Code Council; Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; The NJ University of Medicine and Dentistry; Middlesex County College, Middlesex County NJ Fire Academy, University of North Carolina School of Architecture, Charlotte Campus and University of Texas-Arlington Campus. He has been a speaker at numerous NFPA World Safety Conferences as well as at state and regional code official conferences. He gained national recognition as the Chair of the International Code Council’s International Fire Code Development Committee. In September of 2006 he was the recipient of the International Code Council’s annual ‘ICC Fire Service Award’ which is presented in recognition of untiring support of and dedication to professional code enforcement and the fire protection profession and in 2011 he was awarded with an ICC Honorary Membership which is granted to an individual who has been recognized as having rendered outstanding service to the International Code Council.

He currently serves on the:

  • ICC Fire Code Interpretations Committee
  • NFPA 1 Fire Code Committee
  • NFPA 401 Hazardous Waste Recommended Practice Committee
  • NFPA 855 Energy Storage Systems Standard
  • New York City Fire Department’s “2018 Fire Code Revision Project Advisory Committee”
  • NJ State Fire Safety Commission, Codes Advisory Council
  • FCHEA/NREL Hydrogen Code Improvement Team
  • NFPA Fire Research Foundation PV Stakeholder Group
  • Construction Fire Safety Coalition
  • UL Standards Technical Panel for Photovoltaic Hazard Control, STP 3741

He also has served on the:

  • NFPA Task Group on Fire Fighter Safety and PV Systems
  • USDOE Biomass Industry Panel on Codes and Standards
  • ICC Building Code Action Committee
  • New York City Fire Department’s “2011 Fire Code Revision Project Advisory Committee”,
  • ICC Fire Code Committee, including serving as Chair.
  • ICC IBC-Fire Safety Committee,
  • ICC IRC Building Committee,
  • ICC Northeast Regional Fire Code Committee,
  • ICC Joint Fire Service Review Committee,
  • ICC/NFPA/USDOE Hydrogen Industry Panel on Codes,
  • ICC Fire Code Interpretations Committee,
  • BOCA Building Code Interpretations Committee, and the
  • NFPA 232 Guide for Protection of Records

He serves on various workgroups for the, the ICC Fire Code Action Committee, and the ICC Building Code Action Committee. He has served in the past on workgroups for the ICC Tall Wood Buildings Ad hoc Committee, ICC Ad hoc Healthcare Committee, the ICC Code Technology Committee, and the ICC International Green Construction Code.

In addition to his heavy involvement in drafting, submitting, and testifying on the provisions in the International Code Council's series of codes and various NFPA Codes & Standards, Mr. Davidson has specialized in addressing renewable energy topics including energy storage systems, PV roof systems, the use of hydrogen as a fuel and flammable refrigerants. Mr. Davidson has presented lectures on a multitude of firefighter safety & code related topics in addition to conducting ESS, PV, hydrogen energy and biofuel workshops for building code and fire code officials throughout the United States.

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