Brene Duggins

Brene Duggins is the Fire Prevention Coordinator/Firefighter at Holly Grove Fire Department in Lexington, NC. During her 18 years as a volunteer in the fire service, she has shared her passion for technology and education across not only the state of North Carolina but across the East Coast teaching the public as well as Fire Service Personnel to enhance their own programs through the integration of technology. Most recently she has started Ms. D's Virtual PD, which is a virtual professional development training program that combines live training sessions and on-demand training opportunities for public school personnel and fire service personnel. Brene is the Chair of the NC Eastern Region Fire and Life Safety Educators Association and also is the Secretary of the North Carolina Fire and Life Safety Educator Association State Council. Brene was recently awarded the 2021 Award of Excellence by the NC Fire and Life Safety Association. Her day job is as the Media Coordinator at Oak Grove High School in Davidson County, NC, and she is also a Past President of the North Carolina School Library Association

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