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Each and every year, The CFPI Workshop Committee works hard throughout the year to plan the Annual Fire Prevention Institute. Our goal is to provide timely educational programs that will help fire prevention officers in their profession. We also strive to provide a first-rate exhibition that will keep fire prevention officers in tune with the latest products that they may encounter on the job. This could not be done without the assistance of the fire chiefs, the fire prevention officers and industry representatives who make this educational event possible. Many thanks go out to those chiefs, fire prevention officers and industry representatives that provide support for the Institute.

Without a doubt, the California Fire Prevention Institute (CFPI) continues to be THE greatest educational value available to the fire service – a week-long training program designed around current topics regarding the variety of tasks handled by fire prevention officers. All of this is offered at a very low cost.

Don’t forget to tell your peers to attend this Workshop next year! Next year we celebrate the 31st Anniversary. Be sure to attend the CFPI Workshop scheduled March 15-18, 2021 Virtually!.

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