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Holly Lytle Goodman, BA

Holly Lytle Goodman, BA

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The ISAAC Foundation

On February 8, 2007, Holly suffered a tremendous loss when her son Isaac, diagnosed with an autism, unexpectedly passed away just 6 weeks short of celebrating his fourth birthday. Determined to turn her personal tragedy into an opportunity to help families similar to her own, Holly channeled her grief and founded the ISAAC Foundation in July of 2007. Holly later gave birth to her youngest son, Caleb, who was later diagnosed with ASD-level 1.

In the years that followed with Holly’s leadership, the ISAAC Foundation provided financial support to hundreds of children in the region diagnosed with autism for therapy interventions not covered by insurance. Later the scope of ISAAC Foundation’s mission broadened to include emotional support programs for parents and siblings, educational programs for parents, teachers, employers and regional first responders, and a weighted blanket program that generates over 200 weighted blankets and lap pads per year. In 2021, programming expanded to include Isaac’s Clubhouse, and after school and weekend space for children with autism to congregate, explore interests and make connections with peers in an organic (non-therapeutic) environment. The Foundation also launched Isaac’s Fire Safety Learning Center in 2021.

Holly is well known for comedically capturing the day-to-day adventures of raising her typical and special needs children. Looking for a wider platform to share the experiences of special needs parenting, Holly launched ISAAC's Autism in the Wild Podcast in the Fall of 2018 which has over 120 episodes on autism related parenting topics.