Annual Conference March 4-8, 2024

John Goodman, IAAI-FIT

Lieutenant John Goodman, IAAI-FIT

John Goodman.jpg

Fire Investigator, Special Investigations Unit
Spokane Fire Department

John Goodman has been with the Spokane Fire Department since 1999 spending much of his career as a firefighter-paramedic and the last five years as a lieutenant fire investigator. John’s personal journey with autism began when his middle son Cooper, now 19-years old, was diagnosed with autism at 18-months old.

Holly Goodman is the founder and Executive Director of The Isaac Foundation in Spokane, Washington. The organization is named after her son who was diagnosed with autism at the age of two and died unexpectedly before his fourth birthday. In her grief, she founded the nonprofit to help families and individuals touched by autism.

Passionate about autism education in their respective fields, Holly and John developed the accredited Autism in the Wild: First Responder Training Program which is a multi-faceted program that: (1) provides first responder education to improve patient outcomes, (2) facilitates relationship-building programing for individuals with disabilities and first responders; (3) provides skill-building adaptative fire safety education for learners of all ages and all developmental abilities.