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Monday Morning, February 13

Human Behavior and the Means of Egress

Cheryl Domnitch
The class addresses human behavior in fire and the relationship to the means of egress. Case studies are utilized for discussion and an understanding of lessons learned. The lessons learned are applied to the exiting code provisions development process historically to present day. The class is not a code-based class, but rather intended to assist fire plans examiners and fire inspectors in gaining knowledge regarding human behavior and code development to improve skills in decision making and code application.

Monday Afternoon, February 13

What is the Planning Process and Why is it so Important for Fire Departments to be Involved?

Adria Reinertson and Traci Williams
This class will focus on the importance of building communities with consideration to overall community risk reduction. The course will cover what needs to be evaluated during the planning phase of development to include water and access, wildland urban interface, infrastructure, and potential exposures The class will also discuss the importance of looking beyond fire prevention and code requirements, evaluating the availability of resources and potential needs related to development projects.

Monday All-Day, February 13

California and the EPA have Embraced A2Ls: Are You Ready?

Robert Davidson, Sean DeCrane and Michael O'Brian
This program will review changes to codes and standards that have occurred to provide for smooth implementation of the use of A2L flammable refrigerants to allow for a smooth transition in accordance with deadlines set by the EPA and various states. The course will cover the properties of the A2Ls and include laboratory test results of leaks/fires involving A2Ls. Electronic Handouts. Documents to be covered ASHRAE 90.1, ASHRAE 15and 34, IBC, IFC, UMC and anything refrigerant/A2L.

Statues and Regulations
8am-5pm | Multi-day Course

Darin Workman, Sandy Margullis and David Nye
This course provides hands-on training. Topics include codes, standards and local amendments, site-plan review, building construction and characteristics, fire protection equipment, multi-family occupancies, commercial buildings, care facilities, drinking/dining facilities, shopping malls, and high-rise buildings. There is an additional $75 fee for this course.

Fire Alarm Compliance

Todd Laeger
This course is designed to provide the inspector with the skills and abilities for ensuring fire alarm compliance.

Home Ignition Zone/Defensible Space Inspector Curriculum
8am-5pm | Multi-day Course

Matthew Samson and Dave Winnacker
This class is designed for anyone preparing to become a home Ignition Zone / Defensible Space Inspector or has recently been assigned the duties for their jurisdiction. This course provides the skills and knowledge needed to perform in the role of a Home Ignition Zone / Defensible Space Inspector (HIZ/DSI) including roles and responsibilities, wildfire in the natural and built environment, codes and regulations, defensible space, home hardening, and the inspection processes.

Fire and Life Safety Educator (FLSE 2)
8am-5pm | Multi-day Course

Robert Marshall
A CFSTES certification course, this class provides the skills and knowledge needed for an experienced Fire and Life Safety Educator to safely, effectively, and competently prepare educational programs and information to meet identified needs. There is an additional $140 State Certification fee for this course.

CSFM Fire Inspector 2A: Fire Prevention Administration
8am-5pm | Multi-day Course

Justin Beal
Fire Prevention Administration: A CFSTES Certification course, this class provides students with a basic knowledge of the administrative requirements related to the roles and responsibilities of a Fire Inspector 2 including processing permit and plan review applications, enforcing permit regulations, investigating complex complaints, recommending modifications to codes and standards, recommending policies and procedures for inspection services, generating written appeals correspondence, initiating legal action, evaluating inspection reports, and proposing technical reference material acquisition. There is an additional $140 State Certification fee for this course.

Community Risk Reduction: Action Steps for CRR Teams

Karen Berard-Reed and Chelsea Rubadou
Join the NFPA Community Risk Reduction (CRR) team for an 8 hour workshop designed to assist CRR professionals in developing data-driven CRR plans. During this interactive session, the NFPA CRR team will guide participants through the CRA process outlined in NFPA 1300 Standard on Community Risk Assessment and Community Risk Reduction Plan Development. Participants will dig into the “HOW” and “WHY” of the CRA process, and have an opportunity to test drive, CRAIG 1300 the NFPA CRA Insight Generator. Additionally, this workshop will provide valuable information to guide CRR teams working to apply CRA data to the CRR plan development process. The workshop will provide content for professionals who are both new to CRR and those who are already knee deep in the process. Each participant will leave the session with three customized critical actions to move local CRR efforts forward, a strong understanding of the range of data that support the CRA, and many new CRR colleagues to lean on for support even after you return home.

Plan Review and Inspection of OSHPD 3 Clinics in your Jurisdiction and STD 850 Processing of Licensed Clinics

Nanci Timmins and Crystal Sujeski
Local jurisdictions are experiencing a swing in the number of clinics and ambulatory surgical centers being constructed outside of hospital settings. Local fire departments are being tasked with plan reviewing these clinics and ambulatory surgical centers within their jurisdiction. This class is intended to provide the plan reviewer and the inspector detailed knowledge and code review specific to clinics and ambulatory surgical centers built as OSHPD3 occupancies. Additionally, these facilities are required to be licensed by the CA Department of Public Health Certification & Licensing so STD 850s are requested from local fire jurisdictions to process.


Fire Prevention Officers and CFPI Annual Business Meeting
11:30am-1:30pm | During Lunch

This inaugural joint Annual Business meeting of the Northern and Southern California Fire Prevention Officers and CFPI will feature updates from the associations’ leadership and report out on finances, installation of newly elected Fire Prevention officers, voting on changes to the FPO and CFPI Bylaws, and voting for the CFPI Board of Directors.

Annual Awards Reception - Monday Evening
Starts at 6pm

Attend the first Annual Awards Reception which will be a night to remember. We will gather together to celebrate the shining stars in the fire prevention profession. The Awards Reception will recognize the achievements and contributions of our amazing and talented award recipients and will inspire others.

Hors d'oeuvres will be served; no-host bar. Casual Cocktail Attire.
Please note: each registered conference attendee will receive one ticket. Additional tickets can be purchased. This event replaces the traditional Thursday night Awards Banquet.

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