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Thursday Morning, February 16

NFPA 770 Installation Hybrid-Fire Extinguishing Systems Design and ITM

Johnathon Carl
This session will examine the requirements for designing standpipe system with master pressure reducing devices, pressure reducing devices that feed NFPA 13 zone systems and pressure reducing hose valve designs. We will discuss acceptance testing and commissioning of these devices in accordance with NFPA 25 and NFPA 14. The presenter will discuss key equipment installed on standpipe systems and how it should be installed and tested. There will be a discussion on evaluating design approaches and test results and how to classify conditions that could impact the performance of the standpipe system. There will also be a discussion on potential changes to NFPA 25 and NFPA 14 that could impact future standpipe testing.

Thursday Afternoon, February 16

Hazardous Materials for the Fire Inspector

Lynne Kilpatrick
This course is intended to provide a basic understanding of the hazardous materials provisions in the 2021 International Fire Code. If you are new to inspections or plan review, or just want to further your knowledge in enforcing the IFC as it pertains to hazardous materials, this class is for you! Come along as we review Chapters 50 through 67 of the IFC and apply the requirements for buildings that utilize hazardous materials and require coordination between the fire and building codes.

Thursday All Day, February 16

What are the Significant Changes to the 2022 California Fire Code and Why

Kevin Reinertson and Kevin Scott
This class will focus on the Significant Changes to the 2022 California Fire Code (CFC), that also includes the Significant Changes to the 2021 International Fire Code (IFC) the base model code used for the 2022 CFC. The class will familiarize fire officials, building officials, plans examiners, fire inspectors, design professionals and others with many of the important changes. This is to assist code users in identifying the specific code changes that have occurred and, more important, in understanding the reasons behind the changes.

ERCES Overview and Plan Review Considerations

Gareth Harris and Chris Creamer
Learn the basics of Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems
(ERCES) as well as how to plan review these critical systems.

Fire Alarm Plan Review

Curtis Streeter
This course is designed to familiarize the attendee with the requirements of the California Fire Code (CFC) and other standards as they pertain to fire alarm shop drawings and other project documents required to be submitted by contractors, engineers, or other qualified design professionals. Specific federal or local jurisdictional requirements are not intended to be covered but would be welcome examples for discussion during the course presentation.

Residential Licensed Facilities

Ernie Paez, Patricia Rock and Rocque Yballa
This course provides overview of residential licensed facilities including residential care for both large and small facilities as well as large and small family day care facilities. Focus topics will include relevant statutes, licensing requirements, plan review, inspections, as well as working with Social Services and your local planning/building departments.

The ISAAC Foundation

Holly Goodman and John Goodman
This class will give the Fire and Life Safety Educator the tools to reach special individuals in our community. It will discuss safer encounters between first responders and those with special needs. There are discussions of developmentally appropriate education, positive experiences, and plenty of practice on how to deliver the messages. You will learn the ISAAC foundations adaptive fire safety education. This education will give you the ability to take home the opportunity to interact with youth that have disabilities, of all abilities, to learn critical lifesaving, developmentally appropriate skills and interactions so that they are prepared in the event of an emergency.

Fire and Life Safety Educator (cont.)

Home Ignition Zone/Defensible Space Inspector Curriculum (cont.)

CSFM Fire Inspector 2B (cont.)

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