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Tuesday Morning, February 14

I-joists and Firefighter Safety/Construction Fire Safety Best Practices

Raymond O'Brocki
This program identifies the features and benefits of wood I-joists which explains the prevalence in the market. The program also explains UL fire testing that identified the fire performance failures or light frame floor assemblies which led to changes in the floor protection requirements of the International Residential Code® (IRC). Those IRC protection requirements are explained. Alternate methods of protecting I-joist assemblies are explained along with the details of acceptable installation of specific assemblies. This program will discuss changes in housing stock and interior contents, and changes in building materials that have posed a challenge for firefighters.

Legal Aspects of Code Enforcement

Randy Roxson, Esq.
This course is four hours or less and is designed to cover most general legal topics that a fire inspector of a state, local, or fire protection district in California may confront during their respective course of duties. This course is not intended to supplant the State Fire Marshal’s Statute & Regulations Course but to cover more of the legal aspects that may arise that may affect the fire inspector. The course is designed to provide the fire inspector with the legal framework of his or her position and that relationship with other public entities. It also touches on immunities to liability and addresses the legal responsibilities related to areas other than the fire inspection. The course will specifically address legal authority, jurisdiction, immunities, public records, writs, code related appeals, and the legal aspects of conducting a public meeting.

Code Development: How to Participate and Make a Difference

Karl Fippinger and Susan Dowty
Have you ever wanted to change the code, but didn’t know where to start? This class will provide you with the knowledge and practice to overcome any hesitation to get involved plus provide the motivation to participate and make a difference. Information will be shared on 1) the new code development process for the 2027 I-Codes, 2) the many different ways to participate 3) code change success stories, and 4)“do’s and don’ts” with examples. Time will be spent actively participating in exercises so as to fully understand and experience the code development process and steps involved in taking a code change from start to finish. These exercises will bring the code development process to life and inspire a rewarding journey of involvement.

Tuesday Afternoon, February 14

Change Agent: Transitioning AFFF to SFFF in the State of California

Joshua Overholt
This class will cover the basics of fixed foam fire protection systems and their applications. Specifically, during this program we’ll discuss the different types of foam systems as well as the components associated with the operations of various system types. This course will also explore the variety of discharge devices and their respective applications across various special hazard protection areas. With the recent change to synthetic fluorine free foam (SFFF) concentrates, the program will close with a discussion on the transition process from legacy foam concentrates such as AFFF to fluorine free foams.

Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) - Available Programs to FPOs Scott Ayers

Learn all about the programs and accreditations of the CPSC.

NFPA 14 Standpipe Pressure Reducing Valve Design, Acceptance Testing and Standpipe ITM

Johnathan Carl
This session will examine the requirements for designing standpipe systems with master pressure reducing devices, pressure reducing devices that feed NFPA 13 zone systems and pressure reducing hose valve designs. We will discuss acceptance testing and commissioning of these devices in accordance with NFPA 25 and NFPA 14. The presenter will discuss key equipment installed on standpipe systems and how it should be installed and tested. There will be a discussion on evaluating design approaches and test results and how to classify conditions that could impact the performance of the standpipe system. There will also be a discussion on potential changes to NFPA 25 and NFPA 14 that could impact future standpipe testing.

Life Safety and Fire Investigations Committee Meeting - CSFA

Meeting of the California State Firefighters Association Life Safety and Fire Investigations Committee. Open to all interested in attending.

Tuesday All Day, February 14

Everything Battery

Robert Davidson, Kara Gerczynski and Sean DeCrane
This program will cover a wide range of battery topics in this fast-changing field of EV charging, manufacturing, storage (awaiting use), collection (used/damaged), in use (ESS, Personal Mobility Devices). The program will cover hazards, new code solutions for protection levels and response considerations. Electronic Handouts. Documents to be covered: IFC, IBC, NEC, UL 9440, UL 9540A

Building Interactive Activities that Increase Engagement and Knowledge Retention

Brene Duggins
Are you looking for activities that get your audience engaged? Not sure where to start? Or how to use them effectively? Join 2022 NFPA Educator of the Year, Brene Duggins, as she demonstrates a variety of Interactive Tools and Activities LIVE! She will then walk you through how to build them for your own department and demonstrate how these tools can be used to gather data on your audience and the effectiveness of your programs. Participants will walk away with a toolbox of activities and ideas to take back to their departments.

Statues and Regulations (cont.)

Fire and Life Safety Educator (cont.)

Home Ignition Zone/Defensible Space Inspector Curriculum (cont.)

CSFM Fire Inspector 2A (cont.)

Vendor Day

Join our partner organizations for the afternoon and learn all about what they
have to offer you and your department. Network with other fire professionals and
industry leaders. You won't want to miss the raffle. Must be present to win.

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